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Meet Dana



I am a wife, a mother and an educator. I am originally from Queens, NY and now I am a proud Floridian. I have a Bachelor's degree in International Business, a Masters in International Relations and another Master's in Education.  I am the author of Electoral College What? which I wrote for my son when he began asking questions about elections.  Long before I decided to become a career changer, education has always been at the heart of who I am. I have been a NYC school teacher for 12 years. 


I am not new to the problems facing our public schools all across the country today. As a New York City public school teacher since 2006, I am very well acquainted with the inner workings of the system; what works and what does not. As an educator, I understand the struggles facing our teachers each day in and outside the classroom. Teachers are overwhelmed and anxiety ridden.  They are burdened with successfully implementing every single new idea in the name of "progress" and yet no problem is ever really solved.  

The problems between schools and the parents is not new and did not start with Covid-19. It was simply magnified under Covid-19. There can be a wonderful relationship fostered between the school and the parent with trust, transparency and accountability. As a mother of 8 children, I know first hand that the parent knows the child best and is the final authority.  Period.


I have children in the Seminole County Public Schools, including 3 year old triplets entering soon.  My priority is to ensure that the Seminole County Public School District is the best it can be, for my children and yours!  Children should all have an equal opportunity to achieve and be successful. There is no “one size fits all” mentality because that does not work. Children are individuals and work best when their needs are met. I know this as a general and special education teacher and have witnessed it time and time again as I taught in a general education, co-teaching classroom setting, and self contained classroom settings. 


The challenges and disappointments of the last two years have driven me to expand even further and try to do more good. Creating a safe place for children to succeed, giving educators the ability to teach the students and involving parents in this process is essential. I desperately want to create this type of environment.  We have to ensure our educators feel appreciation by allowing their voices to be heard and allowing them to speak up without any fear of retribution or any repercussions from administrators. We have to ensure our parents are free to speak up for their children and their community without fear of being targeted domestic terrorists.  We have to do better.  Help me fight the system and we will win.



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