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"Parents today do not trust public schools to teach their children life skills, but rather indoctrinate them in social issues with a greater agenda.  As a parent and an educator, speaking out and firmly taking a stand to protect children and parents' rights is my highest objective." - Dana Fernandez


Safety in our schools
Our Seminole Public Schools' Safety Team, including our hard working Sheriff's office, is doing some incredible work and continuously taking great initiative to ensure our children's safety.  I applaud all their efforts and look forward to a continued great relationship with the shared goal of putting student safety as a top priority.  

Parents' Rights
Protect parents' rights to petition their school board and districts and protect parents' rights to access and preview curriculum.  Parents also need to have full transparency on any and every school issue that directly affects their children.

Who is accountable?  How do we ensure school performance measures that are more than just tests? Encourage a system of accountability that is not counterproductive. 

Prioritize Students' Interests
Contrary to popular belief, not all students are nor should be college bound.  We need to expand students' choices to include entering the workforce or pursue technical vocations

Mental Health Support
Masking the problem does not work.  Putting a bandaid on the problem does not work.  After consulting with experts, we need to ensure proper, qualified personnel are readily available and working with the students on an ongoing basis.

Focus on Quality Education 
We can continue to provide students with quality education if we simply focus on that, education.  The politics need to be removed entirely.  There is no place for the division that comes along with Critical Race Theory or the inappropriate sexual content of Critical Gender Theory in our public schools 

No more lockdowns and no mandates

We will probably not fully understand the effects that these past lockdowns and mask wearing mandates have had on our youngest and most vulnerable.  It is imperative that they continue to have an uninterrupted school experience to ensure their future success and well being.



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